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Best Power Inverter For Trucks – Our Top 5 Reviewed 2020

by Brian Beltran

You’re habituated to driving the truck in the long way and love to decorate your truck with some home appliances. But sometimes you may have faced severe trouble in charging your appliances during the long journey. Even you may be in the same horrible incident right now, therefore, finding the ultimate solution. What can rescue you from this often coming occurrence? You, however, obviously know it’s solely an excellent power inverter that enables you to convert direct current into alternating current at ease.

At this moment, there’s a question frequently coming to your mind what’s thebest power inverter for trucks. For your far-reaching betterment, you have to spend some time here to reach out to a perfect one within a short period. We’ve put together this review to guide you to find an inverter that best suits you. Let’s go forward!

Are Power Inverters Bad For Your Trucks?

No, the power inverters are not bad for your trucks in everyday use. Because almost all the inverters are designed with 12V socket to deliver current what described in your truck manual. But if the inverter tries to draw more than the socket will be fused, as a result, it could melt and short the truck’s battery. Besides, an inverter could drain your battery if you run it with the engine off.

Note: Now, the doubt is clear you know that power inverter is not bad for your truck but sometimes you need to deal with these things technically to get its all benefits, we wrote another article on How do I know what size inverter I need? to help you more with this matter.

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Best Power Inverter For Trucks - Our Top 5 Reviewed 2020 1

AIMS Power PWRI200012120S Pure Sine Power Inverter

Best Power Inverter For Trucks - Our Top 5 Reviewed 2020 2

GIANDEL 2200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Best Power Inverter For Trucks - Our Top 5 Reviewed 2020 3

VOLTWORKS Power Inverter 2000Watt

Best Power Inverter For Trucks - Our Top 5 Reviewed 2020 4

Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter

Best Power Inverter For Trucks - Our Top 5 Reviewed 2020 5

ERAYAK 1500W Power Inverter

Top 5 Best Inverters Review For Trucks 2020

After spending a long time and having in-depth research, we’ve been able to select five superb inverters for you. We’re now going to discuss the basic features and facilities of these inverters at length below. Please try to pay your full attention to what we highlighted in the review.

1. AIMS Power PWRI200012120S Pure Sine Power Inverter

AIMS Power PWRI200012120S Pure Sine Power Inverter

When it comes to inverters, the AIMS Power PWRI200012120S power inverter deserves to be highlighted first of the list. It’s a versatile inverter with lots of using benefits includes a cooling fan, isolated ground neutral, USB indicator, ground terminal, optional remote switch, compact design, and many others to make you desperate to bring it up. You will get up to 2000W continuous power supply and 4000W surge clean pure sine power to charge up your devices in a hassle-free approach.

It’s ideal for an off-grid power system using a 12V battery in trucks; thereby, you will have no further concern for operation methods. The use of high-quality copper cables will provide you utmost assurance to transform DC power from a battery into AC in a reliable way. It works with all the electronics appliances so that you become capable of storing equipment as per your willingness and requirement. You can easily read up the voltage range with its high and low voltage alarm to keep your truck protected all along.

The inverter also features a resettable 20 amp GFCI outlet that great for use in vehicles. In a word, its soft start technology makes it different from others and highly preferred to the users. As a new user, you can keep your faith on it to get long term service.

AIMS Power PWRI200012120S Features:

  • It manufactured with a compact and lightweight design so that you can carry it out quickly.
  • The maximum power range will aid in getting optimum convenience inside your truck.
  • Low and high voltage alarm will assist you in getting the utmost protection while using the inverter.
  • It has added a cooling fan to cool up the inverter while working on it.
  • It features a resettable 20 amp GFCI outlet to make your job more comfortable.

2. GIANDEL 2200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 

GIANDEL 2200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

As a sensitive user, you certainly want an inverter that comes with all the features you love to have. It’s very challenging to find out your preferred one without having proper pre-experience and well study. By considering several criteria, we’ve sorted out the GIANDEL 2200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter for your betterment. It’s a powerful inverter with 2200W pure sine wave power and 4400W peak power to make your job easy to perform. Low voltage, short circuit, overheat polarity, reverse protection, and auto restart system brought about a revolution in its safety.

As it comes with the remote control system, so you can easily control the inverter while applying it into your truck. With a 20A solar charge controller, you will be able to connect it into a solar panel directly to charge SLA or GEL battery. To see battery status clearly, it has added a battery voltage indicator for you. Most interestingly, you can power up your appliance with great enthusiasm as the inverter includes an LED display to overlook around. You can at ease, prevent the shortage and reduce heat by its intelligent cooling fan.

Coming on design, it’s appreciating as it’s developed with isolated input-output design. Even it’s easy to operate and convenient for all sorts of appliances to connect with. You can pay heed to this best power inverter for trucks without having further hesitation.

GIANDEL 2200W Features:

  • It can be connected with all sorts of electronics appliances with the remote control system.
  • You can combine it with a solar panel without having any machinery problems.
  • Auto-restart function and polarity reverse protection provide excellent safety.
  • Battery status can be read with its battery voltage indicator.
  • It comes with an isolated input-output design and intelligent cooling fan.

3. VOLTWORKS Power Inverter 2000Watt DC 

VOLTWORKS Power Inverter 2000Watt DC

It’s an inverter with up to 90% working efficiency and 100% DC to AC converting capability. If you’re just a novice in using an inverter, you can keep your full attention on this product as it features auto-detection and fast charges your devices up to 2.4amps. Also, its 2000W continuous power and 4000W peak power will offer you supreme convenience to power up your appliance irrespective size, necessary voltage, and quantity. Besides vehicles, this inverter also called the best power inverter for home due to its suitable powering system.

Durable aluminum housing makes the charging system much more comfortable as you can protect it from drops and bumps. Plus, including short circuit protection, over-temperature protection, under-voltage protection makes it much accessible to the sensible user. You will be amazed to hear that this inverter has an LCD, which can let you know the input and output voltage. You also can read the battery status at any time you want with this powerful inverter.

The newly added remote control makes your job more comfortable as you can control the inverter on/off without having any mechanism barrier. Like other inverters, the manufactured company didn’t forget to include a cooling fan for avoiding overheat. Your all suspicion will go away after using this power inverter for vehicles for a few days. Even you will never face any sort of difficulty in terms of a voltage issue.

VOLTWORKS PowerFeatures:

  • It’s protected with durable aluminum housing to provide maximum safety.
  • It comes with 4.8A USB ports, which can power most of your USB devices.
  • You will get three AC outlets for powering larger devices.
  • LCD and remote control system makes it convenient in terms of use.
  • It has a built-in fan that can avoid overheat.

4. Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter 

Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter

Like other users, you may have some questions in mind on how efficient your inverter will be, which benefits it offers, which features you will get from it. Considering and reading the user’s intention and expectation, we’ve come up with the Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter that much known among the experienced inverter users. It’s eligible to power up all sorts of appliances such as flood light, TV, freezer, DVD player, Laptop, etc. with 2000W continuous power capacity.

Its durable material shell ideally provides all-round protection. By using this inverter, you can charge up your electrical devices on trips, camping, or work sites without having any trouble. Up to 4000W surge capacity is praiseworthy as it makes it different from others. Ease of use is an essential matter to discuss as it developed in an ultramodern operational way.

This 2000 watt inverter has incredible performance with maximum client satisfaction among the inverters. You can start your journey with this all-round inverter to get supreme using convenience. And as this inverter has ELT certification and 18-month warranty, so you can stay tense free after purchasing this best power inverter for vehicles.

Ampeak 2000W Features:

  • It has up to 2000W continuous power capacity and 4000W surge capacity.
  • It has an audible alarm and automatic shutdown protection facility.
  • You will get all-round protection with its mini slip fuse, cooling fan, and smart display.
  • Its durable material shell makes it smarter than other inverters.
  • It has insulated ring terminal cables to ensure maximum safety.

5. ERAYAK 1500W Power Inverter for Car 

ERAYAK 1500W Power Inverter for Car

Are you looking for an inverter at a low rate? If yes, then reach out to this powerful inverter and purchase it without having further hesitation. It offers extraordinary working performance and some appreciating features at a reasonable price. First of all, its durable aluminum body provides advanced protection and a secure cooldown facility. You will be capable of supplying power to your appliances even during work time. High continuous DC to AC power and 3000W peak power feature three AC outlets, two USB charging ports that make the work easy to handle.

Meanwhile, its built-in six internal 30amps fuse makes it safer and productive while using. You will get the update through its audible overload alarm. Having included a neat internal array of integrated circuits, you can get additional power during dangerous events such as hurricane or storm. Another significant benefit of this inverter is the opportunity to connect the 12V battery system. A high-speed cooling fan is a unique inclusion of this excellent product.

If you think about its design, then it will be much appreciating. It’s developed with a moderate size so that you can easily carry it. Low noise and power switch systems provide much effectiveness while working. After all, you will get long term service by this powerful inverter; even it will be your best buy in life.

ERAYAK 1500W Features:

  • It assures 1500W, 12V DC to AC power, and 3000W peak power.
  • It has three outlets and a couple of USB charging port.
  • It has an audible overload alarm to keep your vehicles safe and cool.
  • It includes surge protection, an input-output isolated system, and a high-speed cooling fan.
  • It has added a cooling fan to cool up the inverter while working on it.
  • It comes with a moderate size so that you can easily carry it.

Things Should Be Considered Before Buying A Power Inverter For Trucks

Almost all the new users are totally in the dark in choosing the best power inverter for trucks. Because they don’t know at all what should consider before purchasing a specific product. As a sensible user, you have to concentrate on this part of the review. Here we’ve narrowed down some important topics below to guide you.

Size of inverter:

It’s true that the power and efficiency of an inverter thoroughly rely on size. The big-sized inverters are naturally capable of providing maximum power range. If you have a heavy high voltage appliance, then go for the big-sized inverter at first hand. But if your devices require a low power supply, then it will be a bad bargain for you to purchase a big sized inverter. In this case, you have to sensitively reach out to the small-sized inverter to save power and ultimately money.


Installing an inverter often seems a difficult task for the user. They have to reach out to an experienced technician to connect the inverter into devices. It’s a costly and exhausting task to appoint someone. To get rid of this drawback, you have to go for the inverter, which can easily be installed. Besides, some companies offer training opportunities to the new user. You can set your mind to these inverters. In a word, your preferred inverter should always be user-friendly.

Maximum capacity:

We must admit that the total effectiveness of an inverter based on its capacity. If you have such appliances like refrigerator, microwave, and drill machine, you need power capacity up to 2000W to 4000W. On the contrary, if you just have a laptop or mobile phone, then you can be satisfied with only 1000W to 1500W power supply.

Safety rating:

Among all the features, at first, you have to observe the safety rating of an inverter. The inverter offers maximum safety is should always be top of the chosen list. All the expert users always give priority to safety scale and habituated to advise others not to compromise with this principal feature. Safety features such as overloading, short-circuiting, under-voltage, over-voltage must-have in your preferred inverter to get risk free campaign.

Price range:

There are plenty of inverters varies in the different price range. You have to pick up the inverter what you capable of purchase. Though the high priced inverters are for top performers, you can operate your task even with a low rated inverter. It ultimately depends on your budget and the total power you need.

Note: Here, you will find so much information about a power inverter that you should consider before buying for your truck but you may want to know more about it then read this article on how to choose the right power inverter that we wrote for you.

Why Should You Buy A Power Inverter For Trucks?

A power inverter has turned into a widely used device in our practical life. We can’t think of keeping our appliances efficient and capable without the services of an inverter. It has brought about diversity in our living characteristics in the modern world. There is plenty of reason why you should buy a power inverter.

First, a quality inverter can keep high conversion efficiency in the appliance by reducing the loss of energy.

Second, an inverter is much safer with the combination of some protection features, including short circuit, overload, and over-temperature.

Third, an inverter is available with a reachable price range and can be used without having any mechanism barrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many questions that you asked us several times and here is the answer to your questions.

Are power inverters bad for your battery?

All the electronic devices can harm your battery whenever you apply it inappropriately. But if you’re sensible in use, then it won’t be bad for your battery.

Does power inverter drain car battery faster?

Yes, an inverter can drain your car battery quickly if you stop running the engine and charging the battery.

Can I use all types of devices with a power inverter?

Definitely, you can use your electric devices with a power inverter.

Can the inverter be used in other places besides my vehicle?

Yes, you can use the inverter in other places besides vehicles.

Can I use a power inverter while driving?

Yes, you can use a power inverter while driving to power up your appliances.

Final Remark

You may have gained some knowledge and idea which power inverter would be better for you by this time. For your betterment, we would like to recommend you reach out to our first product named AIMS Power PWRI200012120S Pure Sine Power Inverter as it is much familiar as the best power inverter for trucks. Also, it has a high demand in the market for its ultramodern features. You will get optimum convenience with this powerful inverter.

Besides, the GIANDEL 2200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 12V DC to 120V AC is also accessible to the user for its excellent performance and efficiency. You can take a bird’s eye view over this quality inverter too.

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