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Single Vs. Dual Fuel Generators – Choose The Right Fuel Type

by Brian Beltran

Among all modern conveniences, electricity is the one we take for granted. Nothing, just seconds of a power outage, makes us think that how we depend so much on the electricity. Day by day, the weather and the environment is getting worse, so do the power cut. We can’t think about leading life in the dark, so nowadays, every house people are installing different types of generator as a power backup option.

The generators run on fuel, and fuel consumption is fast. There are two types of fuel generators in the market -single fuel generator and dual fuel generator. Users always have confusion in Single Vs. Dual Fuel Generators. To make the confusion clear, here you will get an overview of the differences between the single fuel and dual fuel generator.

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Single Vs. Dual Fuel Generators – Choose The Right Fuel Type

Single and dual both generator has its own characteristics and features that we describe briefly in the below. Now it’s up to you to decide which one fulfill your requirement.

Single Vs. Dual Fuel Generators

What Kind Of Generator Do I Need?

When you are planning to get a generator, you have to consider different factors. Your right decision will let you enjoy the best output from the generator you will get.  As there are different types of generators, you have to know which type is perfect for your needs.

Power cord or transfer switch?

To deal with a power outage for different reasons, a portable generator is the best option. When you are using a portable generator, you have to connect the devices with a power cord or transfer switch. Remember to take help from the professionals while installing the transfer switch.

Fuel Type:

Generators run on fuel, and the fuel types are – gasoline, diesel, and propane. These fuels are available and come in different options like single, dual, and solar. In places where gas is unavailable, fuel feels the gap properly. Just don’t forget to refill the fuel, or else you will have to stay in the dark in storm night.

Wattage Output:

Different generators deliver power on their wattage. For example, the small portable generator can provide 3000 watts power, and the run time will be for a few hours.  The medium ones can deliver up to 6000 watts, and for the big fuel tank, the run time is longer. Then comes the large portable one that can deliver 9000 watts smoothly and for the longest time. Lastly, the extra-large portable generators which are capable of delivering 10,000 watts power and can run a huge company with it easily.

Inverter Generator:

This generator is for running sensitive devices like smartphones, computers, LCD ETC. in your home as it delivers clean power energy.

Note:  If you know how much power backup do you need then this article will help you to pick the right generator but thereafter you should know more details like the types of the generator – An Overview of Advantages and Disadvantages of generators. Read this following article will to get your answers & questions.

What The Difference Between Single And Dual Fuel Generators

A single fuel generator runs with anyone fuel, such as natural gas, diesel, propane, or gasoline. If you don’t need to use the generator much, then this generator is best as the fuels are available, especially propane and gasoline.


The dual generators come in two types. One is a tri-fuel generator that uses three different fuels, and the other one is a dual fuel generator that uses two fuel types.  These variation helps to run the generator even anyone fuel runs out; the other fuel let the generator work.

Single fuel generator:

The generator that runs with single fuel uses diesel, propane, or gasoline. Among these fuels, propane is best because propane burns clean. Other fuels produce a lot of carbon monoxide that is harmful to the environment. Propane burns with oxygen voluntarily and produces high energy power. The gas burns with blue flame at 1980-degree C. This means propane burns clean, leaving carbon dioxide, heat, and water.

You can use the propane in two ways – liquid and gas form. The propane is stored in the tank in liquid form, and the vapor one is injected in the hose to let it go to the engine through it. The liquid propane vaporizes when it reaches in the fuel injector.

The propane generator is for them who don’t need power backup regularly because this generator doesn’t degrade while kept.

Benefits Of Single Fuel Generators

As most of the single fuel generator run with propane fuel, then here I will enlighten the benefits of using propane generators:


  • With a propane generator, there is no chance of having no fuel. Because propane gas is endless and available.
  • Propane burns clean, and it is environment-friendly.
  • This fuel is not only long-lasting and also cheapest.
  • The maintenance cost of the generator is minimal
  • Propane gas is odorless and vaporizes, so no chance of having breathing problems.
  • With propane, it takes only 20 minutes to reheat the water tank.
  • Propane fuel is versatile and reliable.

Duel fuel generator

Duel fuel generator supplies the electric power to the appliances or machines you want to run. The generator modifies mechanical-energy into electrical-energy. Duel fuel generator is designed to produce all types of energy you need. You can charge all kinds of appliances with the generator.

This generator uses diesel and propanol mixture as fuel to run. If the propanol fuel is finished in any case, the diesel alone can run the generator smoothly. You will get reliable and excellent performance with diesel. When you inject the natural gas, it mixes with the diesel. Then the power production gets increased.

Benefits Of Dual Fuel Generators

In comparison with single fuel generator, dual fuel generator has more benefits to enjoy.

  • This generator is versatile. You can use the diesel or natural gas per your need or environment.
  • The power produced by this generator is powerful and efficient.
  • You don’t have to take the extra hassle to maintain this generator as it needs less.
  • Affordable generator with the long-lasting feature.
  • You will not face any interruption in power supply with this generator.

Note:  Here, in this article, we include the benefits of dual-fuel generators but if you want to pick the perfect generator for you then read the following article on how to choose the right generator that we wrote for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever you know about something new, you have some questions of your own and here in this section, we added some answers to your question that you frequently asked us.

What fuel is best for the generator?

Natural gas propane is best for the generator because it burns clean and reliable.

Is it bad to run a generator out of gas?

Yes, it is harmful to the generator because it may cause the generator coils losing the magnetism.

What size generator do I need to run my whole house?

To power almost all the home appliances, you will need 3000 – 6500 watts generator size to run the whole house.

Final Remarks

Single Vs. Dual Fuel Generators –  new users get confused in this comparison while purchasing a new generator to use. Both the generators are capable of producing efficient electricity, but if you compare then dual fuel generator provides more powerful and efficient electricity, then the single fuel generator. For flexibility, budget, and power supply, you should go for the dual fuel generator for your power backup support. 

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