How to Adjust Coilovers Without Spanner Wrench?




How to Adjust Coilovers Without Spanner Wrench?

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To adjust your coilovers without a spanner wrench, you’ll need to use a socket and ratchet. First, loosen the nut on the top of the coilover with the socket and ratchet. Next, twist the body of the coilover to raise or lower it.

Finally, retighten the nut on top of the coilover.

  • Park your car on a level surface and engage the emergency brake
  • Loosen the lug nuts on your wheels with a tire wrench
  • Jack up your car and place jack stands under the frame for support
  • Remove your wheels and set them aside
  • Locate the coilovers on your suspension
  • There will be a top nut and bottom nut holding the coilover in place
  • Insert a spanner wrench onto the top nut of the coilover and turn it counterclockwise to loosen it
  • Repeat this step on the bottom nut of the coilover
  • With both nuts loosened, you can now adjust the height of your coilovers by screwing them in or out as desired
  • Once you have achieved your desired height, tighten both nuts back down with the spanner wrench
  • Be sure not to overtighten them, as this could damage the threads
  • Replace your wheels and lower your car back down to the ground
How to Adjust Coilovers Without Spanner Wrench?


Can You Adjust Coilovers by Hand?

If you’re looking to lower your car, or change the way it handles, coilovers are a great option. But can you adjust them by hand? The answer is yes… and no.

Yes, you can physically turn the knob on the coilover to make adjustments. But whether or not those adjustments will do anything depends on the design of the coilover. Some coilovers have pre-set dampening rates that cannot be changed without special tools.

Others have adjustable dampening, which allows you to change how stiff or soft the suspension is. And still others have height adjustment only, which changes how low your car sits but not how it rides. So if you’re thinking about adjusting your coilovers by hand, first find out what kind of adjustment they offer.

If they don’t have adjustable dampening, chances are any changes you make won’t make much of a difference.

What Can Use Instead of C Spanner?

There are a few different types of tools that can be used instead of a C spanner, depending on the situation. For example, if you need to loosen or tighten a nut or bolt, you can use a wrench. If you need to grip and turn a pipe or other cylindrical object, you can use a pair of pliers.

And if you need to hold two objects together while you fasten them with screws or nails, you can use clamps.

What Size Spanner Wrench Do I Need for Coilovers?

Coilovers are a type of suspension that is used in many high performance and racing cars. They offer a great deal of adjustability and allow for fine tuning of the suspension. In order to properly adjust coilovers, you will need a spanner wrench that is the correct size.

There are two main types of coilovers – adjustable and non-adjustable. Adjustable coilovers have an adjustment knob on the top of the strut that allows you to dial in the amount of preload. Non-adjustable coilovers come with preload already set from the factory and can not be adjusted.

The size of spanner wrench you need for coilovers will depend on which type you have. For adjustable coilovers, you will need a 10mm wrench. For non-adjustable coilovers, you will need an 8mm wrench.

It is important to note that some aftermarket companies make their own special wrenches for their specific brand of coilover. If you have purchased aftermarket coilovers, be sure to check with the manufacturer to see if they have their own recommended spanner wrench size.

What Tool Do I Need to Adjust Coilovers?

If you’re looking to adjust your coilovers, you’ll need a few tools to get the job done. First, you’ll need a good quality jack and stands. You’ll also need a wrench or socket set to loosen and tighten the bolts on your coilovers.

And lastly, you’ll need a measuring tape or ruler to measure the height of your coilovers. With all of your tools gathered, you’re ready to start adjusting your coilovers. The first thing you’ll want to do is measure the height of your coilovers.

This will give you a starting point to work from when making adjustments. Next, use your jack and stands to raise or lower your car until it’s at the desired height. Once it’s in place, use your wrench or socket set to loosen the bolts on your coilovers so that they can be adjusted.

Now it’s time to make changes to the pre-load and spring rate of your coilovers. To do this, simply turn the adjustment knob on your coilovers clockwise or counterclockwise until you’ve achieved the desired setting. Once everything is dialed in, simply retighten the bolts on your coilovers and enjoy riding at your new ride height!

How to Adjust coilovers without spanner tool

Coilover Spanner Wrench

Coilover spanner wrenches are an essential tool for anyone who wants to adjust their coilovers. This type of wrench is specially designed to fit the spanner nut on most coilovers, making it easy to adjust preload and spring tension. If you’re thinking about adjusting your coilovers, or if you just want to be prepared in case you need to make an adjustment, then you’ll need a coilover spanner wrench.

These wrenches are relatively inexpensive and can be found at most auto parts stores. Once you have your wrench, adjusting your coilovers is a simple matter of loosening or tightening the spanner nut until you’ve achieved the desired setting. Just remember to check all four corners of your car before driving off, as uneven settings can lead to handling problems.

Coilover Adjustment Tool Harbor Freight

If you’re looking for an affordable coilover adjustment tool, Harbor Freight is a great option. This tool is designed to make it easy to adjust your coilovers, and it’s made from durable materials that will last. The tool comes with all the necessary hardware for installation, and it’s easy to use.

Universal Coilover Wrench

A coilover wrench is an essential tool for any suspension work. It is used to adjust the preload on coilovers, which affects the ride height and spring rate. The coilover wrench is also used to remove and install coilovers.

There are many different types of coilover wrenches on the market, but the most popular style is the universal coilover wrench. This type of wrench has a variety of heads that can be used with different size bolts. The advantage of this type of wrench is that it can be used on almost any type of suspension system.

If you are doing any work on your suspension, make sure you have a good quality coilover wrench on hand. Universal coilover wrenches are available at most auto parts stores.

Coilover Wrench Autozone

Coilovers are a type of suspension that allows for adjustable ride height. They typically consist of a spring and shock absorber assembly that fits over the strut of a vehicle. A coilover wrench is a specialized tool that is used to adjust the preload on coilovers.

Most coilovers have an adjustment knob or nut at the top of the unit that can be turned by hand. However, some units may require the use of a coilover wrench to make adjustments. This is because the coils are under high tension and can be difficult to turn by hand.

A coilover wrench looks like a large socket with an extended handle. It attaches to the adjustment knob or nut and provides extra leverage, making it easier to turn. If you’re thinking about installing coilovers on your vehicle, or if you already have them installed and need to make adjustments, be sure to pick up a coilover wrench from your local AutoZone store today.


This blog post provides helpful tips for adjusting coilovers without a spanner wrench. By following the author’s advice, anyone should be able to make the necessary adjustments with ease. This is an extremely useful article for anyone looking to improve their car’s suspension.

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